Protection of animals

We are a non-profit animal rescue organization located in the central part of Mallorca, Spain. 
We help more than 500 abounded, abused and stray animals each year. With your support, we can continue and even expand our mission. ?

What we do?

  • Adoption and Foster Care: We find loving homes for animals in need.
  • Medical emergency care: We ensure medical care for animals that are in urgent need
  • Trap-Neuter-Return: We actively contribute to controlling the population of stray animals by sterilising and returning them to their environments.
  • Rescuing Abandoned Kittens & Puppies from the streets: We rescue and provide care for unwanted kittens and puppies without a home.
  • Daily Food Provision: We provide food for 300 stray cats every day. (Controlled and neutralised colonies)
  • Mediation for Unwanted Dogs:  We help rehome dogs that hunters or owners can no longer care for.
  • Promoting Responsible Ownership: We raise awareness among pet owners about the importance of sterilizing their pets and being responsible and respectful towards both pets and farm animals.
Your support is crucial in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of these animals. Every donation helps!

5 steps of adoption

First meeting: Visit the foster home to meet your future pet in person.
Interview: Our association will conduct an interview with you to learn more about the pet's future family, home, and living circumstances.
Adoption Fee: The cost of adoption is 150€, which includes a complete veterinary checkup, deworming, microchipping, a passport (for animals adopted abroad), and sterilization (if applicable, small animals may be sterilized a few months later).
Contract: You will have to sign the adoption contract, which is designed to protect the animals and requests you to take full responsibility for the pet. We take our mission seriously and we expect the same level of devotion and commitment from the future owners.
Follow-up: Over the next few weeks, we will stay in touch with you, requesting photos and videos to get updates on how things are going with your new family member.
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